Monday , 26 June 2017
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About Authors is manage by a team of professional whose details are mention below:

  • Durgesh Gupta

    is a Web Developer who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful web pages. He has been in the field for nearly 7 years, and have been loving every minute of it. He is a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, developer, and overall thinker. Check out his web portfolio to see what he has been up to lately.
  • Avina Kohli

    is a tech savvy content writer and blogger she loves to write on cutting edge mobile technology.
  • Priyanka Garg

    is one of the author on, she writes mainly on mobile smartphones and gandgets. below is the breif about her. Writing has always been far more important than just a profession, indeed it’s a passion. Passion!! which has made my life more meaningful and satisfactory. In fact we all want to convey something or other and writing is one way which has made this task much easier and far more enjoyable. Although you might say my articles are more related to marketing but they definitely provide you the idea about in and around you. Thence read and write as these are best ways to know the world around you.